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Trees and Other Creatures

It's here! September 2021.


Both poets and non-poets will be delighted by the poems in this collection; they are approachable and thought-provoking, some might even say, "genially subversive." In Trees and Other Creatures, Teresa Scollon deftly loosens the boundaries between ourselves and those who share our world. Her layered vignettes explore the spirits of the animate and inanimate - chickens, dogs, a trumpeter, trees, a sofa, rocks - and we are given a path of fresh imagery into the emotional complexity of living, even in the midst of chaos: "It was as if the earth had opened its lungs on the ground before us: a rainforest..."


"…These are poems from a heart tenderized by deeply sharing in the suffering—and the joy—of all living beings. I feel as if she's my neighbor, and also the sage next door. You will love these poems."

---Fleda Brown

Trees and Other Creatures


An anthology of Michigan Creative Nonfiction, edited by Anne-Marie Oomen, which includes authors Jerry Dennis, Mardi Link, Alison Swan, and Teresa Scollon. A 2019 Michigan Notable Book.

Poetry in Michigan/ Michigan in Poetry

Anthology of Michigan poets and artists.

To Embroider the Ground with Prayer

Poetry Collection. Foreword Reviews INDIES 2012 Honorable Mention for Poetry.