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Friday Nights the Whole Town Goes to the Basketball Game

Winner of the Michigan Writers Chapbook contest, this book is part of the Michigan Writers Cooperative Press project.

“The polarities align in Teresa Scollon's poems: grounded, personal, person-rich, poems of place: transporting, transpersonal, transhistorical, transcendent. She's done it: written ‘the third poetry’ that painter, writer and naturalist Walter Anderson describes as ‘sometimes never written’ but when it is, brings ‘nature and art into one thing.’ –Gray Jacobik

“These poems are compassionate, shrewd and beautifully, alertly written. There is a wealth of knowledge about human nature in them that stems from both the heart and the marvelous ear Teresa Scollon has for how people speak. We learn and we are moved and we wonder: all the acts that poetry can and should do.” –Baron Wormser

“Teresa could not have been more than three years old the first time I met her. She was calmly reading her baby brother a book beneath her veterinary father's examination table. Our friendship and her love of words have spanned many decades. Although I am now past ninety, we continue to share an appreciation of not only the written word but also of oral histories. The subtleties of a well-turned phrase and the observations on the minutia of daily life are not lost on Teresa.” –Jack Esau, February 2009