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Wonder and Association

June 3, 2013

Tags: mother, association, wonder, Heather Christle, poetry, What is Amazing

In May, I went to visit my mother for Mothers’ Day. My mom is a pistol. Thank God. When I stumble downstairs in the morning, she’s sitting at the kitchen table, all coffee-ed up, hard at work on the crossword puzzle.

“She’s out in the garage,” she says.
“The cat. Sleep OK?” she asks. (more…)

Let a Line Love You

January 2, 2013

Tags: Wendell Berry, line, poetry, Sowing, poetry of place, Farming: A Handbook

I say if a line in a poem wants to love you, let it. Let it reach out and grab ya’, as Steve Miller might say. Let it soak in and let tears from nowhere seep out. It doesn’t matter if you don’t “get” the rest of the poem.

Maybe someday you will. (more…)

Introduction: Finding and Reading Contemporary Poetry

January 2, 2013

Tags: contemporary poetry, library poetry collections, poetry, librarians, what happened to rhyme

We need a blog, says my dear friend Martha, about how to find good contemporary poetry. If you like poetry, as she does, how do you find out about new poets? How do you find poetry you will enjoy? (more…)

Selected Works

Poetry Anthology
Anthology of Michigan poets and artists.
A beautiful meditation on grief, memory, and the seasons of life.
Winner of the Michigan Writers Chapbook contest, this chapbook collects persona poems and personal poems to illuminate a world of humor, deep feelings, and strong community.